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Are you a networking agency with a professional contact list and want to generate a passive income by referring candidates to Remote Office? Then the ambassador program is for you!
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Frequently Asked Questions
Ready to embark on a journey of collaboration and success. We understand that embarking on a new journey comes with questions, and we're here to provide clarity and insights.
How long does it take to become an ambassador?
Once you fill up the form and submit your interest, our team will verify your identity and the information submitted by you. We generally process an ambassador request within 10-14 business days.
Will I get recurring payouts?
Finder's fee shall be applicable as a one-time payment only.
When do I get payouts?
There’s a pending period of 45 days after a candidate is selected. This is to avoid chargebacks, refunds, and other fraudulent activity. After 45 days, the funds will be transferred to your account for withdrawal. (Note: Make sure that you use your unique code to refer candidates to receive the finder’s fee.)
How do I get paid?
We currently pay via Wise/AirWallex. Please fill up the ambassador form to add your information! Note that we will require a set of valid details for the payment platforms in order to complete your payout.
Does a candidate have to be recruited from my list to get paid?
A candidate generated from your list must get selected and recruited within a specific timeline.
What if a candidate from my list gets a job for any other role in the future?
If the person you have referred is not hired for the existing open roles – they may be hired in the future. Even if we hire the candidate(s) from your list in the future – you will be rewarded with the finder’s fee.
How the confidentiality of the shared candidate profiles are managed?
Remote Office protects the confidentiality of the resumes provided by you and does not share/trade with anyone except for the internal team and its clients.
What about the exclusivity of the ambassadorship?
The ambassadorship shall be non-exclusive which allows Remote Office to engage similar services from other organisations from any jurisdiction/territory.
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