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Welcome to Remote Office – Your Gateway to Exceptional Global Team Building. Experience the ease of assembling and managing a high-performing remote team with our comprehensive platform. We specialise in connecting you with elite global talent, streamlining compliance and HR processes, and providing expert advice to enhance team efficiency and output. Embark on a journey to elevate your team dynamics with Remote Office. Start building your ultimate remote team today.
Global Talent, Exceptional Teams: Crafting the Future of Remote Work with Precision and Passion

At Remote Office, we recognise the critical importance of assembling the perfect team, a blend of exceptional talents and unwavering dedication. Our global search targets individuals who possess not only the necessary skills but also the ambition and drive to collaborate with leading companies worldwide. Our Platform as a Service transcends traditional matchmaking. It intricately aligns companies with candidates, fostering synergies that thrive in a remote work environment. Beyond mere connections, we empower teams by providing key insights and strategic guidance, ensuring that every remote team realises its full potential in achieving business-critical objectives.

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Build and manage global Remote teams with Remote Office - Hire talent from any regionBuild and manage global Remote teams with Remote Office- Hire talent across bordersBuild and manage global Remote teams with Remote Office- global remote talent
Our Team Members
Founder & Head of Growth

Startup savvy and data-driven growth hacker, 10+ years of experience in solving business pain points through tailored digital solutions.


Experienced in accounting, tax and financial management; passionate about improving financial literacy for entrepreneurs.


Specialises in Recruitment, Digital Innovation, and Business Analysis; passionate to solve critical problems across all operational domains.


Leads all aspects of the Remote Office app's technology requirements, and is also responsible for driving innovation and leveraging emerging technologies.

Sr. Manager | Business Operations

Highly competent operations manager with years of experience, specialises in identifying and mitigating potential risks.

Service Lead | Technology

Certified Scrum Master. Skilled in managing agile teams. Performs quality control over all the aspects to ensure the clients' success metrics.

Service Lead | Marketing

Specialises in market segmentation, & growth strategy. Focussed on accelerating the client's marketing strategy & brand recognition.

HR Manager

An experienced HR manager, equipped with strong interpersonal skills and committed to building seamless experiences for clients & teams.

Asst. Manager | HR

An experienced HR manager, equipped with strong interpersonal skills and committed to building seamless experiences for clients & teams

Mehedi Hasan
Sr. Executive | Finance & Accounts

Notable experience in staffing, global compliance, employment contract negotiations, employee benefits, compensation, & payroll.

HR Executive

An expert HR executive with proven expertise in implementing the policy and procedure, recruiting and hiring.

Clients say
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In a rapidly growing sector with dynamic and fast paced needs emerging, it's been critical to our success to be able to adapt and scale our modern healthtech platform and this has required continuous recruitment in the areas of CX Design, Development & Support as we expand our teams to meet the needs of our customers. To this end Remote Office has become a trusted partner for the end-to-end experience in accessing global talents for hiring and supporting skilled team members. They're part of the team.
Yianni Serpanos
CEO & Founder, Coreplus
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Angus says “As the COO of a fast-growing tech startup based on the Gold Coast, I was grateful to be introduced to Diat and his team who assisted us with high-calibre developer candidates based overseas and managed completely by Remote Office. It was straight-forward to get started and RO was patient in working with us to find the right developer for our team. I would highly recommend.
Angus Keck
COO, Agunity
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We have been using Remote Office for two years and continue to be impressed with their excellent service and advice. We highly recommend them.
Ash McMullen
CEO, Next Generation Software
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Remote Office has been our trusted partner for the past three years. They stand out due to their professionalism, strong project management and customer-centric approach. Remote Office is one of the few agencies that are able to provide realistic estimates of project execution. I can always trust their opinions and suggestions.
Mikko Tamminen
Chairman & CEO, Taskeater
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I was impressed by Diat's approach in gaining me as a client and I wondered if the same approach could be adopted for Believe You Me. Diat and his team have been very diligent, bringing forth about six key leads within a six week period, two of which I am hopeful of converting into newly acquired business. I would highly recommended Diat.
Blair Triplett
CEO, Believe You Me
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Remote Office has been an unconventionally articulated one-stop remote service station for me. I have worked on Data Processing with the team and I got seamless English speaking team members with accurate results. Their team leaders even make the job easier to track & follow up.
Akhter Ahmed
Former President, New Emerging Market, Microsoft
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We partnered with Remote Office to step up our email campaigning and lead generation team. They have proven to be highly engaging and professional, always showing great interest in getting to know Brang and our requirements. They were welcoming of any changes and adaptable to feedback, which allowed our campaign to foster. We would highly recommend Remote Office to any business who is looking to partner with a passionate marketing Team!!
Tracy Stone
Sales Manager, BRANG – Think Delivery. Think Brang
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At Remote Office, we understand that the right team is the cornerstone of business growth. That's why we've transformed team building into an art, effortlessly guiding you through finding the perfect fit. Imagine shaping your ideal team from anywhere, with the expertise of a virtual HR partner at your fingertips. Our platform isn't just about team creation; it's a strategic ally in your journey to scale and succeed. Engage with our obligation-free tool and experience the power of tailored team-building, designed to address your unique business needs.
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