How Remote Office helped a growing Fintech company build and manage a team of App developers from across the globe cutting time-to-hire while ensuring that they find their dream team.

The Problem: A growing Fintech company needed to hire app developers

The client, a growing fintech company, based out of Sydney, Australia, operates in the consumer finance segment. It enables users to manage their investments and expenses and plan their budgets more accurately through AI-powered models.

To cater to the increasing demand from their significant user base the company wanted to develop a mobile application, which would enable its users to upload their receipts at any time, anywhere. 


Some must-have features they were looking at were:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Push Notifications
  3. Personalisation
  4. High-level security

Key requirements: 

  1. Extensive experience (5+ years), closer to the senior software app development level
  2. The ability to work between two codebases (from previous acquisitions)
  3. A convenient time zone for collaboration, and
  4. The ability to onboard quickly to kickstart the project.

The Solution: Remote Office delivered the best pool of pre-vetted talents

Exploration call

Once the client gave us a high-level idea of their vision and their current struggles in scaling the team, Remote Office experts performed an audit to identify the critical path. Based on the analysis, we recommend outlined solutions across different categories and proposed a team structure.

  • UI/UX Designer
  • QA Engineer
  • Front End Developers
  • Back-End Developers

With their specific needs and goals in mind, the Remote Office sourcing team went to work!


We plugged in a dedicated vHR team who designed and executed the pre-onboarding experience in compliance with the indigenous jurisdictions. We handpicked industry-leading experts from our pre-vetted community of top-tier talents to match client requirements. 

Our RPA-driven recruiting system along with the candidate matching algorithm, helped us settle on the initial pool of candidates that went through a customised 3-step selection procedure with automated interviews and machine-led technical tests. 

Throughout this time, the client was able to access the candidate pipeline, monitor onboarding progress, and analyse candidate interviews and technical test responses on the Remote Office platform. We lined up candidates for the final interview only if they met the success criteria set out by the client.

With Remote Office handling the preliminary screening and verification processes, the client was able to condense the interview process to a few simple steps, consisting of:

  • Reviewing the recorded interview of potential candidates,
  • A secondary technical screening to assess relevance to company’s needs
  • A final round where the clients could talk to potential candidates to assess thor skills.

“Remote Office connected us with high-quality candidates. We were completely satisfied with the interview and onboarding process.”

Having chosen to source globally, the client was able to build a world-class development team from Remote Office’s community of top-tier talent.


Once the candidates were locked, the dedicated vHr team from Remote Office organised a secure onboarding session to integrate the remote development team with the company and its culture.  

A certified Scrum master appointed to the team as Service delivery manager ensured that new hires had the tools and information to become productive members of the team.  

Going forward, the service delivery manager facilitated collaboration, communication, scrum/sprint disciplines, retrospective principles, reporting cultures, KPI cultures, iteration techniques, and problem-solving within the team to maintain a culture of agility, adaptability, and continuous improvement. They worked with the team to establish agile discipline and took care of planning and monitoring the day-to-day operations of the remote development team.

The vHR team continued to work with the client to co-create a virtual culture and set up the event and ceremony rituals. The client used the Remote Office App to manage and monitor employee leaves, attendance and performance.

The Results: Quality & Speed

Working with Remote Office, the Dev team was able to build their new app from the ground up to target both iOS and Android platforms while meeting tight deadlines. 

  • The App enabled the consumer to view spending spend categories, track income, and expenses, and manage monthly spending spend budgets as well.
  • Intuitive features such as interactive charts and expense reports were developed to enhance user experience.

Their presence on the mobile platforms helped them to increase their market share by 36%, resulting in a 56% increase in daily transactions compared to the web-only period. The mobile application also increased the retention rate by 32%. 

The Future: Looking for skilled software developers?

The mobile application development team continues to support the client with updates, app maintenance, support, and more. 

By utilising the services of Remote Office, they can confidently hire the best candidates, knowing that compliance with local employment laws, taxes, and benefits will be expertly managed on their behalf. This approach enables the company to maintain competitiveness and drive innovation.

“In the future, we hope to continue expanding the development team with Remote Office”

Build a team of app developers with Remote Office

As the world continues to embrace remote work, more and more companies are turning to remote teams to stay competitive. However, building and managing a remote team can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding top-tier talent. That's where Remote Office comes in.

Remote Office helps companies build and manage remote teams from a community of top-tier talents. We connect clients with a top-tier talent pool across different languages and frameworks including Python, Ruby on Rails, React, and more empowering them to find the right talent for their specific needs.

As we send only pre-verified developers to your company for consideration, you can hire as much as four times faster than you would with internal recruiters:

Our process is simple:

  1. Tell us about your technical hiring needs.
  2. We’ll find qualified candidates for you to interview.
  3. You hire your favourite (s) while we manage the paperwork * and day-to-day management of the team.

We have remote developers in EVERY technology stack, so you are certain to find the ideal candidate.

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