Whether you need a robust team of remote developers or an expert marketers, we offer a wide range of scalable solutions to  turn your vision into reality.

Remote circle is an invite-only community of pre-vetted talent. We source talents across geographies and invite them to compete in challenges for in-demand skills.

Every invitee/applicant goes through technical assessments and cognitive ability tests before earning a ticket to Remote Circle. Candidates who make the cut are catalogued in our platform on the basis of their key expertise and level of experience.

Of the more than 10,000 candidates who apply to Remote Circle each year, fewer than 3% make the cut. The result: expert-vetted talent available for immediate hiring.

We've dedicated considerable time and resources to cultivate our talent pool and continue to invest more each day to widen our reach and crank up our pre-vetting standards. and have a tailored approach to engage with passive candidates regularly.

AD Blueprints + Free Ad Credits

In addition, to give you a competitive advantage, we furnish you with the Ad Blueprint along with complimentary Ad credits. This enables you to strategically showcase your job opening across prominent job boards such as LinkedIn, Indeed and Monster allowing you to broaden your reach and connect with a larger pool of potential candidates.

Your dedicated HR concierge sets up the advertisement on your behalf, meticulously handling the intricacies of targeting and budget optimisation. This proactive approach ensures not only the seamless execution of the ad but also guarantees that it is strategically tailored to reach and resonate with your specific target audience. 

With our expertise on your side, you can navigate the complexities of job advertising to maximise the impact of your message and enhance the overall effectiveness of the recruitment campaign.

Tell us your vision and we do the heavy lifting to find a dream talent to help you achieve your goals

Discovery Call

Our team of experts works with you to understand your key challenges, goals, and technical needs.

We outline a team structure & engagement model that resonates with your particular requirements and plug in a dedicated vHR team to design and execute the pre-onboarding experience.


Our team of experts armed with our Our RPA-driven recruiting system screen and grade each application to finalise the initial pool of candidates from our pre-vetted community of top-tier talents + top matches from your recruitment campaign. The meticulous process involves a thorough and hands-on evaluation of each applicant's qualifications, experience, and suitability for the particular role and typically includes a comprehensive review of resumes, cover letters, and any additional submitted materials.

This select group goes through a 3-step selection procedure to curate experienced candidates who possess the precise skills and expertise required for your team.

  • Step 1: Grading and Assessment
  • Step 2: Machine-Led Interviews
  • Step 3: Technical Assessment

Grading and Assessment

Our team of experienced HR executives then carefully assess each candidate in the selected pool against predetermined criteria, such as skills, education, and relevant work experience over an audio call.

This personalised approach allows for a nuanced understanding of each candidate's strengths and potential fit for your organisation. It enables them to identify not only the most qualified individuals on paper but also those whose attributes align with the company culture and values.

Machine Led Interviews 

Candidates who successfully navigate the initial interview round are extended an invitation for a video interview. Your dedicated HR concierge collaborates with you to craft a tailored interview experience complete with a question kit based on the requirements for the position. Each applicant is led through a series of questions that go beyond generic inquiries, allowing for a more in-depth evaluation of their capabilities and suitability for the role. You can also control the think time, answer duration, and number of retakes the candidate is allocated for each question.

  • Once the candidates complete and submit the interview, our team of experts reviews and adds their evaluation scores for each candidate.
  • The interview links along with recommendations of our experts are then racked on the Remote Office Platform for your perusal and final review. You and your team can compare your thoughts and opinions to make the best hiring decision as a team. 

This approach ensures that candidates are assessed in a way that aligns with the unique aspects of the position and your company's values. 

Technical Challenge

Candidates who make it through the video interview round are presented with a technical assessment tailored to match the specific skills and competencies required for the particular job role. Your dedicated HR concierge designs assessments in collaboration with your team to directly assess a candidate's ability to perform tasks and solve problems relevant to the position.

These assessments are crafted to mirror real-world scenarios that candidates may encounter in the job, ensuring that the evaluation is not only accurate but also highly relevant to the actual requirements of the role. You can gain a more nuanced understanding of a candidate's proficiency in the specific technologies or tools crucial to the job. 

You can effortlessly manage the candidate pipeline, track onboarding progress, and assess interview and technical test outcomes on Remote Office App.

Final Interview

Once we have done all the heavy lifting to curate the best candidates who meet the success criteria defined by you, we pass the reigns to you for the final interview.

Once the candidates are finalised, the vHr team ensure a secure onboarding experience complete with bespoke and indigenous contracts compliant with regional laws and regulations.

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