The Question Of “Hiring” Or “Firing” Is An Essential One At The Moment And Our Response Assists You Reclaim A Delicate Balance

Adrian Chowdhury
Mar 27, 2023

The current challenges of the global pandemic are unprecedented and will have a major impact on the global economic situation. As of now, thousands of employees are already facing layoffs or pay cuts, while businesses are also struggling financially.

The question of “hiring” or “firing” is an essential one at the moment and our response assists you reclaim a delicate balance. To stay afloat, many companies are inclined to dismiss or avoid hiring employees in order to keep expenses (lower), before considering other methods that can help reduce costs and save jobs.

Dismissal (of employees) as a solution can prove to be counterproductive for certain businesses, especially if their workforce plays an integral part in operating their businesses.

We took the following measures to cushion the blow:

  • We have launched a fully automated digital onboarding platform ensuring your access into it, so we can collectively isolate the remote resource/s you need “WORKING FROM HOME”.

  • In the case where you end up hiring an offshore team consisting of more than three team members, we will offer you a free-of-cost dedicated team leader to manage your team.

  • We have committed to maintaining 24/7 staff support, ensuring the same time-zone office hours for companies working anywhere around the world.

  • We have decided to take care of on-demand infrastructure requirements and solutions for your hardware and software, for your staff work(ing) from home.

  • If you end up hiring a tailored team of 10 members or more, we are committed to set your team up with industry-standard office facilities even at home.

  • We have decided to compact services into holistic solutions and customize financial packages based on your business needs.

At Remote Office, we have worked very hard to come out of our comfort zone and offer the best we can. We can’t be who we were six months back and expect dramatic results. We want to identify the businesses that are suffering at the moment and push them forward by solving as many pain points as possible without adding an extra layer of frustration, whatever it might be. The more we can ensure daily operations uninterrupted, the better we can fight the wave together.

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