The Story Of Mashrurul, From Full-Stack Marketer At Dhaka To Working With Branding Giant In Melbourne

Adrian Chowdhury
Feb 20, 2023

Long story short, Mashrurul is a full-time digital marketer from Dhaka, Bangladesh working for a branding agency in Melbourne, Australia through Remote Office.

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The client had a pain point with sales empowerment. The goal was going global, but the reality was no existence of marketing streamlines.

After a week of research, our solution team came up with a full-stack marketing strategy combining email outreach automation with social media appearance, and we collectively decided to set up a team for it.

For this specific role, Mashrurul had to fight with 293 other applicants from the Remote Office talent pool.

During our hiring process, when we combined AI with human intelligence, this was his compatibility score

Mashrurul has worked for several international organisations in the past. In his three years of experience, he worked for social media marketing and lead generation campaigns.

He is now in charge of email outreach automation, sending thousands of hyper-personalised emails every month across four different countries, including Australia.

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