The Story Of Yasin, From UI/UX Designer At Dhaka To Working With Melbourne Healthtech Leader

Adrian Chowdhury
Jan 23, 2023

Long story short, Yasin is a UI/UX designer from Dhaka, Bangladesh working remotely for a Healthtech leader in Melbourne through Remote Office.

If you are looking to make your first hire or want to expand your existing team but confused about how to allocate the fund to do so at the moment, this is something you would want to read!

The client had a pain point with their user experience and interface design. The goal was to introduce new sophisticated interfaces with marketing landing pages. Our solution team took notes on each detail and crafted a fully customised job description that expressed everything that was required to pull the job off in style.

For this specific role, Yasin had to fight with forty-seven other applicants from the Remote Office talent pool. During our hiring process, when we combined AI with customised skill templates, this was his compatibility score

Yasin has worked previously for software companies along with freelancing. In his 3 years of working experience, he worked in UX design, software interface, website, and landing page design.

He has designed and deployed numerous landing pages which translate and illustrate the value propositions of the health practice management system the client offers at the moment. His goal is making constant improvement of the software interface, designing the new features and add-ons.

Connecting people has always been the centre of technology advancement. I am really happy to be a leader of a community that constantly connects people to achieve greater purposes. In this case, I’m happy to contribute to make health practice management better and improve the quality of life.

Like I said before if you are hesitant to expand at this point, I wonder if you wanted to try Knowledge As A Service.

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